Bhaskar Industries: Defining denim, redefining business eminence

Bhaskar Industries is an idolized name in multi-dimensional business sphere which signifies high levels of business excellence. Contributing high-end efforts into almost every noteworthy business segment since last five decades, Bhaskar Industries has achieved a remarkable name amongst the largest players in the industry.

Today, Bhaskar Industries is known as one of the largest denim fabric manufacturers and suppliers in India. Evolving the working pattern and adapting to the modern fashion practises, Bhaskar Industries has become one of the eminent denim mills that stands as the top manufacturer of finely detailed denim cloth designs that are different and unique. Proudly ruling over the global denim market, Bhaskar Industries has a capacity of manufacturing 42 million meters of denim fabric on an annual basis.

Adding medals to its diligent efficiency standards, Bhaskar Industries owns a full-fledged in-house manufacturing facility to carry out all the processes of producing quality denim febrics material right from yarning to dyeing, weaving and finishing.