Bhaskar Denim Private Limited uses state of art machinery for denim manufacturing with 100% integrated plants. The integration of the machinery allows us to deliver product in multiple options while retaining full control over the manufacturing process. Last minute change in specifications, add on orders are quickly and comfortably accommodated at Bhaskar.


Producing the optimum quality of yarn is must to ensure the delivery of best in class denim fabrics. This requires selection of the best quality cotton available in the market. We also ensure quality control by implementing testing procedures at every stage of yarn production with AFIS, uster tester UT4 and other precision instruments. Being equipped with ring and rotor spinning machinery we produce variety of yarns for the vast denim fabric range at our factory.


Dyeing is the heart of denim manufacturing process needs stringent quality monitoring and also innovations time to time. Bhaskar Industries has a highly efficient team of technicians and state of art rope and slasher dyeing machines from Morrison and Sukker Muller.
Consistency in shade is maintained using instruments like Brookfield, Hunter Lab Spectrophotometer, Metrohm, pHtester etc. One of the very few Denim mills to have installed fully automated "LIQUID INDIGO DOSING SYSTEM" of dye-star making our Denim truly world class.


Producing the finest and widest range of denims is the motto of Bhaskar Industries. Weaving machines from Picanol, Toyota and Tseudokoma are deployed to achieve the production of millions of meters of denim fabric. Proper emphasis is laid on shade and other quality management for every denim lot. Innovating the types of weaves and effects is the inherent property of our industry. We therefore produce the finest jacquards, twills, and other weaves.


Denim has the most stylish finishing. Finishing refers to several physical or chemical treatment used to advance the look, feel, or performance of a fabric. Mercerise, Sanforise, Flat finish, Coating, Printing, Calendaring, Pitching are amongst are finishing methods.

Quality Assurance

The quality of a final garment depends on the quality of a fabric when it is received as a roll. Even the most outstanding manufacturing methods cannot compensate for defective materials.

Instrument like Elmendorf, Crocking Tester, Laundrometer, Tensile strength, drape Tester, Light Fastness tester and Auto Pick counter moisture meter along with our team of dedicated professionals makes us confident of what we deliver. We follow ASTM D5430 4-point system at final fabric inspection. Undivided attention is given to assign demerit points for all dispatch

Research & Development

In the current competitive markets we need to keep innovating designs and washes of denim fabric. Change is the rule of universe and we need to follow this universal truth. Keeping the same in mind, our team of professionals is having rich experience and young ideas work tirelessly giving world its fashion for tomorrow. Our strength is faster and hindsight of changing trends. We also possess an onsite laundry facility which enables experimentation with creative finishing demonstrating the full potential of developed fabrics.